About Afza

About AFZA

The Africa Free Zone Association (AFZA) was formed in October 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa. The association was established as an international non-profit organisation, with English and French as its…

afza objective

Our Objectives

We are involved in formulation of appropriate policies for the development and promotion of Free Trade Zones in Africa. We develop a network of practitioners and investors across Africa and the rest of the world.

afza constitution

AFZA Constitution

The name of the association is AFRICA FREE ZONES ASSOCIATION (AFZA). The Africa Free Zones Association shall be established as a nonprofit organization with English and French as its working …


Chris Ndibe

Executive Secretary, AFZA

A note from the Executive Secretary AFZA

Special Economic Zones, Free Trade Zones, Export Processing Zones are strategies for economic development usually characterised by special regulatory and incentive regime , often in an area administratively thought of as being a nation’s custom and trade regime to attract both local and foreign investment. The special regulatory and fiscal regimes allow for freedom of operation at competitive costs.

The Africa Free Zone Association (AFZA) is an international non-governmental organisation formed in October 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa at the World Free Zone Convention. After the first meeting, the African Association met again in London December 2005 were the present Executive members were elected and the constitution was ….